Install and configure web server

Now you have an up and running HCW@Home system, you must install a web server. We tested Nginx web server even if it should work with others like Apache.

Installation of Nginx is straight forward

apt install nginx

If you don't have reverse proxy server in front of your Nginx, you might need to install certbot for issuing SSL certificates. You can install the following package

apt install python3-certbot-nginx

By default, HCW@Home doesn't install Nginx configuration, but you can use the ready configuration from doc folder. Don't forget to adjust the configuration based on your needs.

wget -O /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/hcw-patient.conf
wget -O /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/hcw-doctor.conf
wget -O /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/hcw-admin.conf
rm /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default

Update the files :

listen       80;
server_name  <replace by your domain>;
root   /usr/share/hcw-athome/admin; # or patient or caregiver for depending of config file you are updating;
proxy_pass; # Update if installed on same server, or different IP if separate sever.

The last command removes the fallback default configuration provided by Nginx.

If you now want to issue certificate, run the following command and follow the usual cerbot process. If you need more information about this process, read the official documentation:

certbot --nginx
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