What is HCW@Home?

HCW@Home is an open-source solution designed for healthcare professionals to provide remote consultations to patients, making healthcare more accessible and efficient.

Using standard video conferencing, chat, and document-sharing in browser technologies, healthcare providers can connect with their patients from any location, share insights, and deliver consultation services.

Absolutely no technical expertise is required, HCW@Home is easy to use for everybody.

Yes, HCW@Home prioritizes security and adheres to standard encryption practices to ensure that both patient and provider data remains confidential. Security auditing have also been performed by external organizations.

Being open-source, HCW@Home is freely available for download and use. However, doctors may incur costs if they choose to use the solution as we recommends to have a support and maintenance contract.

Yes, Iabsis SARL company can offers various supports and maintenance contract for the solution.

HCW@Home is designed to be lightweight and can be install on most hosting provider, usually on VPS. For specific requirements, refer to our documentation.

Yes, demo server is available on https://demo.hcw-at-home.com address for free.

Patient data is stored on your environment or on a secure cloud, depending on the setup. We follow strict guidelines to ensure data privacy and protection.

Absolutely. As an open-source solution, HCW@Home is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing organizations to modify and adapt the tool as per their requirements.

They are same product, HUG@Home is the branded name of HCW@Home for HUG. When we deploy a custom instance, you will be able to choose the name as well.

We are still looking for sponsors, our solution lives thanks to paid support. The initial Sponsor has been given by the Fondation privée des HUG.

HCW@Home support already several languages. You can check what are already available on this page https://translate.iabsis.com/projects/hcwhome/#languages. You can also contribute to new languages if you want.