The logo must be a browser compatible image (png, svg, jpg, ...) and is simply configured into backend.


The URL can be relative (e.g if you upload in a folder of the doctor or patient app), or absolute (the logo is hosted somewhere else).

By example with Debian package, you can put into /etc/hcw-athome/hcw-athome.conf.


Then place the logo into the following folder:

  • patient: /usr/share/hcw-athome/patient/assets/logo.png
  • doctor: /usr/share/hcw-athome/caregiver/assets/logo.png
Note 1 : You can have different logo this way. If you put the full URL, the same logo will be used for doctor and patient interface.
Note 2 : The admin interface doesn't have any possible customization yet.

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